Thanks to Smith Martini Foundation and Bombas for the “Sharing House Socks, Shoes and Unde-Roos” Give Away Day — Serving 462 Students!

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Socks, Shoes and Unde-Roos! Give Away Day 

The Smith Martini Foundation, along with Bombas Sock Company, gave an incredible gift to low-resourced students of Transylvania County by providing new tennis shoes, socks and underwear for 462 students. 

 This past Saturday was filled with smiles and gratitude from thankful parents of kids, many of whom have seldom started a school year with new shoes.  “There is a lot of power in a new pair of shoes,” said Shelly Webb, the Executive Director of Sharing House.  “This gift offers each one a growing sense of self-esteem, a boost to a new school year so they can put their best foot forward in learning.” 

 “I can remember from years ago how my sisters and I would tear the lids off of shoeboxes to reveal our new school shoes”, Webb said.  “I can still remember the smell from those boxes!  It reminds us that everything is new, each day brings a host of opportunity to learn, to do our best, and to fit in like other kids.  The impact we hear reported from parents is that this gift is a big boost to their child’s self-esteem.  We are so grateful to the Smith Martini Foundation and Bombas Socks for their deep love and care for all of Transylvania County students, especially those from low-income families.”

  “Smith Martini Foundation is excited to be able to provide these items to Transylvania County School students as they begin the academic year,” said the private family foundation’s President.  “Making sure students have the best possible start is important to our Foundation and core to our goal of funding programs that benefit children.   Smith Martini very much values its partnership with Sharing House in fulfilling our mission of ‘making a difference where a difference needs to be made’.

 Megan Parker, Special Projects Manager who organized the event along with her crew of 15 Sharing House volunteers celebrated the day.  Afterwards, one mom commented to Megan saying, “my child even wanted to sleep in his new shoes, he was so excited to start the new school year!” 

Loading up the van donated by Smith Martini Foundation at the “Pack the Pantry” event!

Loading up the van donated by Smith Martini Foundation at the “Pack the Pantry” event!

Gratitude for the Smith Martini Foundation!!

For the Gift of our New sharing house van!

Sharing House has received an incredible and much-needed gift for supporting the services of food distribution, empowerment classes and more. For years, we have transported annually over 300,000 pounds of fresh produce and food supplies with one mini-van. Our old van has seen a good life, and tomorrow is not a guarantee (but we will continue using it until it can’t go anymore). Knowing that our one and only transportation vehicle was on it’s last leg, the Smith Martini Foundation graciously offered to purchase our new 2017 Honda Odyssey Van. With it, we have already transported daily produce runs from Food Lion, Ingles, Sav-Mor, Go Grocery and more. We also pick up fresh veggies from local farmers like Clem’s Organic, Pitch Pine Farms, Gaia Herbs and the Transylvania Farmers Market.

For more information about the Smith Martini Foundation and the good work they support and create for building a thriving community, go to

Sharing House Featured on WLOS -News 13 Investigative Report on Food Insecurity in WNC

Our local television news station, WLOS NEWS 13, came to Sharing House to film and interview our neighbors about their struggle with food insecurity. The report was two days of investigative reporting concerning the higher cost of living in WNC, and how low-wage workers struggle to make ends meet. In the broadcast, you will meet our neighbor, Celeste Davis, who tells her story of an injury that caused a tremendous loss of a steady job and pay. The injury had a ripple effect on her ability to secure financial stability. Follow the links below to learn more about the hardships of some of our most valuable members of our communities— those who work lower-wage service industry jobs, and those who have experienced health crisis.

Monday Evening News Report, June 3 2019

Tuesday Evening News Report, June 4, 2019

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I Want to Host a Power Up! Dinner

We are looking for people who love to throw a party, inviting friends and neighbors to a meal around the table.  You can make it as fancy or casual as you desire.  Anything from pizza party to 5 course meals.  

Find Out How Here! 

Be like Max and host a Power Up! Dinner. Our youngest chef raised over $200 to help people stay warm in their homes this winter.

Be like Max and host a Power Up! Dinner. Our youngest chef raised over $200 to help people stay warm in their homes this winter.