Wheels to Work

We at Sharing House are so excited about the results we have seen from the Wheels to Work Program, a program designed to empower our neighbors who are seeking better employment through reliable transportation.  Imagine not having a car or any public transportation and needing to walk to work, appointments, grocery stores, and church.  Imagine your children tagging along on busy roads. 

In Transylvania County, one of the greatest barriers to obtaining and keeping a good paying job is reliable transportation.  Public transportation is not available in our rural county. Our roads are curvy with little sidewalks, making it hard to safely get to work without any other means besides a reliable car, truck or van.

Wheels to Work receives cars or trucks, (ideally less than 10 years old) from community donors. Your well-loved, well-maintained used vehicles make this program work!  We work with donors to make the title transfer easy to give to Sharing House with full tax advantage documentations.  We then have a gifted volunteer who refurbishes the vehicles and ensures them road worthy.  People who apply to receive a car must go through a budgeting process and driver background check.

Our new Wheels to Work program allows neighbors to pay with dignity a $20 monthly payment for 24 months for the purchase of the vehicle.  By offering folks to be invested in the program, the results build self-confidence and dignity as a hand-up, creating new opportunities for self-reliance.

Currently we have 25 people on the waiting list for the Wheels to Work program.  If you are thinking of trading vehicles, please consider donating your car or truck to Wheels to Work, and be a part of empowering neighbors for a better life!

If you would like to donate your vehicle, or apply for the Wheels to Work Program,

Contact:  Susan Matthews a call at 884-2866.