'Getting Ahead'-  Sharing House Program for                  Increasing Personal Resources

Mark Twin said it best, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

The Sharing House "Getting Ahead Program" is a 15 week intensive group experience into understanding poverty and includes a rigorous self-assessment of one's resources.  Participants in the program are referred to as "investigators".  Learning how to access resources is the key to leading a more sustainable, self-sufficient life.  Our classes are offered twice a year and have been an integral part of our neighbors taking control of their future by making space to dream of a different future, and setting in place steps to reach goals of increased resources.  Our Getting Ahead groups become peer supporters, and create safe places for friendship and encouragement. 

Every person can evaluate their own access to resources.  In the program, we identify 10 different types of resources needed to thrive in this world.  Any person of any socioeconomic place in life can benefit from doing a resource inventory.  Identified Resources include:

Financial, Emotional, Mental, Language, Physical, Spiritual, Integrity and Trust, Motivation and Persistence, Relationships/Role Models

It's easy to point out when someone has a lack of financial resources-- they really need support in meeting basic life necessities that takes money to solve-- like heating and rent bills, medical bills, groceries, etc.  It is harder to identify our lack of resources that involve emotional needs, physical, spiritual, trust, motivation and role models.  If other resources could be increased, it makes gaining financial resources possible.  

This semester we have 13 very determined people taking our course every Wednesday morning.  We are grateful to the partnering churches and volunteers that help to makes this class such an overwhelming success.  

For more information, please check our website or call Susan Matthews, Director of Getting Ahead and Wheels to Work Programs for Sharing House-- 884-2866.

If you would like to donate and sponsor aspects of this program, please help us help others reach their goals and potential!

The cost for one person to attend the Getting Ahead Class is $400 per semester.  This includes costs for books/supplies, transportation, child care, refreshments and $20 stipend for each class attended.  

Thank You for Holding Out Hope




I Want to Host a Power Up! Dinner

We are looking for people who love to throw a party, inviting friends and neighbors to a meal around the table.  You can make it as fancy or casual as you desire.  Anything from pizza party to 5 course meals.  

Find Out How Here! 

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