Power Up Dinner Fundraisers

We need community volunteers to be willing to host a Power Up Dinner during the months of January and February. Your amazing party will help us raise funds for assistance for low-income people struggling to pay their heating bills.  Be sure to call Sharing House for a "Host Power Up Packet" with all of the instructions and envelopes provided for throwing your party. 

Power Up! Dinners are a GREAT way to get to know your neighbors, old friends, and new acquaintances-- all the while raising money for a great need.  Simply invite folks to your house for a supper that you will provide.   Or have a pot-luck with some fun music, play darts, tell old stories!  The idea is to have a fun gathering.   After the meal, the host can provide some information about how great the need is for heating assistance.  In 2018 Sharing House gave $147,000 in heating assistance to over 870 families.  

Then people are invited to leave a donation in discreet envelopes to be given to the Sharing House.  Afterwards, we will let you know how much money your group raised to help alleviate the need for heat!   Have a lovely time, and be sure to send us pictures.